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​Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?For any car or boat owner, keeping a car's paint or boats fiberglass and gel coat pristine is always a challenge. The go-to solution has always been the tried and tested application of wax from day one of purchase. Periodi…
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Paint Correction, Why Important?

What Is Car Paint Correction?Also known as swirl mark removal or machine polishing, paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish.Paint correction can involve either the hand or m…
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Liquid Armour 9H Ceramic Nano Coating For Marine Applications

High Performance AdvantagesUV ProtectionThe UV protection built into Marine Armour protects gel coat, paint, rubbers and plastics against aging and fading. With Marine Armour your boat will keep that “brand new” appeal with minimal future maintena…
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